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when you strike with soul and quick precision

i'm snagged by a nervous twitch and cold desire

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Name:✚ ☾ ωαииα вε α ∂σg ιи тнε иεxт ℓιƒε. ☽ ✚
Birthdate:Jun 2, 1989

alias: ask for it. twenty-one. 99% friends only. fiancé♥[personal profile] mello. zodiac: gemini. lazy writer. procrastinator. ♥ animals→ cats, horses, wolves. thespian. artist. gamer. roleplayer【 muse: matt mail jeevas→ death note. axel, riku→ kingdom hearts. duo→ gundam wing. reno→ FFVII. 】. yaoi shipper. fanfreak. geek. dirty minded. hardcore pervert. friendly. agnostic. selfish. jealous. antisocial. apathetic. caring. lazy. hyperactive. helpful. a close friend. listens to funny music. ♫ music whore in general ♪. unpredictable. currently obsessed with ▷ death note. ergo proxy. kingdom hearts. dogs: bullets&carnage. final fantasy. magna carta: tears of blood. phoenix wright. the lord of the rings. gundam wing. ouran high school host club. pirates of the caribbean. ships ← matt/mello. mello/matt. axel/roxas. hates ← mello/near, near/mello, axel/demyx

I think it's my goal to just have him everywhere, wtf.
Matt/Mello (Death Note) is my [community profile] otp.
[community profile] iam the Matt (Death Note) of Dreamwidth!
'Matt' Mail Jeevas of Death Note is my [community profile] husbando~!
Mello (Death Note) is [community profile] mai_waifu (Holy crap, it's not Matt!)
[community profile] idkmybff Matt.
Matt is my [community profile] boyfriend.

I created and run [community profile] deathnote, [community profile] dnyaoi, [community profile] mattxmello, [community profile] animeaddme, [community profile] otp. I also help run [community profile] iam. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions about any of these communities please go here.


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Artwork used is by ALEGRE and GRACEFL WORMS.

Interests (150):

300, abney park, acting, aerosmith, akuroku, animal crossing, anime, art, axel/roxas, backstreet boys, balthier, basshunter, blood+, blue october, cats, chocolate, claymore, cloud, coffee, comedy, cosplay, cowboy bebop, creature feature, crisis core, daft punk, dark cloud, darker than black, death note, dir en grey, disney, disturbed, dogs: bullets & carnage, dolls, doujinshi, drawing, edward scissorhands, eminem, enya, ergo proxy, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, family force 5, fanfiction, ffvii, ffx, ffxii, fiction, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, flyleaf, frodo, frodo baggins, fruits basket, gandalf, gay, germany, gollum, gravitation, groove coverage, gundam wing, harry potter, hobbits, horseback riding, horses, icons, interview with the vampire, jack sparrow, jet, johnny depp, kh, kh2, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, l, l lawliet, linkin park, lotr, macintosh, macs, madonna, magna carta, magna carta: tears of blood, mai hime, mail jeevas, manga, marilyn manson, matt, matt/mello, mello, middle earth, mihael keehl, mindless self indulgence, missy elliot, music, nate river, near, nightwish, nine inch nails, nintendo, okage: shadow king, okami, organization xiii, ouran high school host club, p!nk, paper mario, phoenix wright, photography, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, porcelain and the tramps, potc, queen, raito, rammstein, reading, reno, riku, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, romance, roxas, ryuuzaki, schoolyard heroes, slash, smut, surprise buttsecks, sweeney todd, system of a down, thai iced tea, the bloodhound gang, the dresden dolls, the hobbit, the lord of the rings, the nightmare before christmas, theater, tia dalma, video games, wammy, wammy's house, weird al yankovic, wolves, writing, xenosaga, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuffie, yuki kajiura, yuri, zack, zack fair
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